If New York City is a stage, then Soho is its runway. From celebrities to bloggers, the city’s stylish set loves Soho for its designer stores and independent boutiques. SoHo, long one of New York’s most desirable retail hubs, it’s always been the go-to neighbourhood for hip, mostly-online brands looking to make the most impact in brick-and-mortar with the fewest number of stores. Every brand should have a space in SoHo, because of its strongly reliant on tourist foot traffic. Unboxed is able to provide 3 different luxurious spaces, which can be used from multi brands as :

full price retail stores; pop up stores; reselling stores; show room for the wholesale distribution; digital fashion shows; live stream sales spaces.

Unboxed offers luxurious and exclusive locations not only in NYC, but all over the USA: Beverly Hills, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago and Atlanta